When photographs are published in a limited edition, it is always an printing of only three.

This means…

  • That image will not ever be produced in that size or material again.
    • E.g., an 8″x10″ giclée (archival inkjet) print on FineArt Pearl paper will never be issued at 8″x10″ again or on FineArt Pearl again.
    • It may, for example, be issued at 16″ x 20″ on aluminum plate, etc.
  • If it is produced in another size and material, it will be for another limited edition of only three.
  • A maximum of three editions (of three) will ever be produced (i.e., a maximum of nine prints of an image will ever be produced).
    • The first printing is labeled as the ‘alpha’ (α) printing (e.g., α 1/3).
    • If a second is printed, it is labeled the ‘beta’ printing (β).
    • If a third is printed, it is labeled the ‘gamma’ printing (γ).

There is no guarantee of any printings beyond the alpha edition (further printings are not determined by sales of previous series, but by whether an image would benefit from a different presentation/material/etc.) Most images will only be printed in an alpha edition.

A record of all limited editions by the artist is available at www.fifthlabor.net/limitedprintings.

A record of all City Upon Hill limited editions is also available at www.cityuponahill.us/printings.